spiritual direction & supervision

spiritual direction & ministry supervision

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual formation is a continual process. Our stories are not yet finished but are being written through our daily experience. Spiritual direction is a discipline of listening and discernment which sharpens our senses allowing us to be more attentive to the presence of God at work in us and in our world. It is an ancient practice which has been practiced within various faith traditions for centuries, but which has strong roots in Christian Monastic practices.

What is the role of a spiritual director?

The primary role of the Spiritual Director is to act as a listening ear, and to guide the directee in engaged reflection on their life. The Spiritual Director will ask questions and provide appropriate resources to assist the directee in reflecting on what is going on in their lives and to discern the threads that tie together the different aspects of their life. It is in recognizing these threads that we are able to see and understand where and how God is moving in our lives.

The Spiritual Director provides a safe environment, and tools for the directee to reflect on their relationships and experiences with the goal of facilitating personal and spiritual growth.

A Spiritual Director is not a counselor or therapist, and where significant issues that require specialized attention are raised the directee would be referred to an appropriate professional to continue work in that area.

What happens during a session?

Spiritual Direction usually occurs once every 3-6 weeks depending on the specific needs of the directee. While the exact nature of sessions will differ depending on the particular needs  of each person, there is a general pattern that is followed.

Each session begins with a spiritual exercise (eg: a prayer/guided meditation/guided reading/reading from scripture/poem etc.) aimed at helping the directee to find a quiet centre, and to allow for some reflection about what the direction they would like the session to take. The exact nature of the guided exercise will depend on the preferences and spiritual season of the directee.

The directee would then be encouraged to raise any topics they would particularly like to explore in the session.

The session would usually close with prayer, or a spiritual exercise aimed at re-centering the directee to enter back into their day with it’s particular concerns and demands.



$25 (NZD)
40 minute session


$40 (NZD)
40 minute session

Skype Session - Unwaged

$15 (NZD)
25 minute session

Skype Session - Adult/Waged

$25 (NZD)
25 minute session

If you are interested in finding out more and exploring whether spiritual direction is right for you then please contact me by clicking on the link below.